lunes, mayo 4

Well... here I am...

Last week, I was talking with my friends in Mexico, about "A/H1N1", or swine influenza. I was all the week in closer contact because I have very good friend there and ofcourse I never lost my wish about go to Mexico once again. (Mental note... I always have the same wish...)

So thinking about all this, I imagine how shot life is, and all the things I can not achieve yet. I really want to meet my friends in Ecuador, Argentina, and a lot of countries I love, even if I do not know them... I want to take pictures from London Eye, over Thamesis Bridge, with Big Ben's.

There are a lot of dreams unfinised... a lot of ilusions to satisfiy... a lot of good moments to share... a lot of tears to cry...

Life is short and delicate... I want to enjoy it an live it full, so excuse moi ! Miss Swine Influenza, but you are not going to stop me.

I know, I know... this is just a little entry, but today my brain is fried...

Love ya!

Live well, laugh often and love much !

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Storm Bunny dijo...

My Sweet Friend,
I think it's just right you tell Ms.Swine that she can stick it where the Sun doesn't shine. ^_^ I understand your feelings, for I live them as well. When you love something, when you have a passion, a dream, there's no war, illness, economical crisis or crappy Government that can hold you back from it. This is the time when us, people show individually what are we capable of when we make up our minds.

You go Girl!

El Mostro dijo...

"a lot of ilusions to satisfiy" ¡Never give up, never surrender!

Ivana Carina dijo...

"... (Mental note... I always have the same wish...)"Haaaahahaha! No, sure?

Be nice sweetie!

.:*:. Ferípula .:*:. dijo...

emmmmmmmm....nice day!!!

Love forever!!! ♥

P. Vargas dijo...

(Nota mental, a la dragoncita la puedo leer en ingles, pero la sigo comentando en español jaja) me dio mucha gracia tu coment sobre eso.

Yo la verdad igual tengo amigos en Mexico, compañeros o excompañeros de trabajo, y la verdad que es preocupante la situacion, pero creo que pronto pasara.

A seguir viajando Dragoncita. Que nada detenga tu vuelo. El mio es España el proximo año. Quedan Italia, Argentina y Japon por descubrir.

Feliz semana!

Carlos dijo...

...como bien dices, la vida es corta y delicada como para quedarse sin disfrutarla.

Lo comparto al 100% mi bella dragona ;)

P.D. Oye querida, tu inglés es MUY BUENO ;)

Dragona bilingüe!

Adolfo Payés dijo...

This is good, because life is always to enjoy .. there is only one.. You know..

un gusto leerte, te dejo mis saludos fraternos..
te sigo

un abrazo inmenso

me ha gustado tu blog.

Pato´s dijo...

Excente reflexion! Vas a ver que td va a pasar Mi querida amiga y volveras prontito a ese bellisimo pais!!
Me encanta tu ingles es perfecto!!

Besitos de chocolates:)
Dragoncita que tengas un bellisimo día:)