miércoles, junio 3

Reading a book...

In the last days I was reading a book named "First, brake all the rules" this book is about management things and I have been read a long time ago, when I was studying my "Project Management Speciality", it is interesting, I have to say VERY, but sometimes I think it's a little bite hard to put in practice another points of view.

I remember the first time I read it and all the notes and phrases I highligth, now I am reading with other vision, I am more mature, my ideas about work are focus, but now I am still thinking how hard is, to put in practice all those ideas.

We (our company) is changing, because of CAFTA, we are not, now a Telecomunications monopholy, but it is had to try to change people.. I think all the canges begins on you, and is very hard to fith against the mass.

I really hope good things happens at my company, and I am prepared... but, let's see...

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*-*Kuty dijo...

:) siempre se disfruta más un libro con el tiempo, y supongo, más de este tipo de lectura.

Storm Bunny dijo...

My Dear Dragonfly,

First of all, how's Piti doing? Ever since his name was chosen we haven't heard about him.

Refering to your post, I'm not someone prone to this kind of literature (since I'm perfect and I know everything, and blah, blah, blah... you know the usual speech from people like me), but when it comes to "managing", for ants like us, this should be applied to our daily life, or otherwise we will grow frustrated. There's successful managing, no doubt about it, but in our organization I find that hard to believe. Either purposefully or by negligence, people on higher circles seek only their own benefit, reaping as much as they can before they are removed. That's not managing, that's looting, and this is why lessons of managing do not apply.

Pablo Mariosa dijo...

¡Éxitos para tu compañía!

Qué loco esto de leer una entrada en inglés.

Y sí, siempre las segundas, terceras y posteriores lecturas son más ricas. Es inevitable porque uno adquiere otros conocimientos e interpreta y comprende de otra manera.

Finalmente, pude volver a hacer una rápida visita por mis blogs amigos y publicar una nueva entrada.

Por supuesto, estás invitada a mi espacio.

Un beso,