lunes, mayo 11

Well... today I want to talk about those little pleasures from life.

I think my fisrt one is to eat pears... not apples, not peaches, not prunes.. I like pears, but not to cut it in lettle pieces... I like to bite them slowly... just like this I show you.

I think it is relaxing to eat a pear and read a book... don't you think?

I like pears flavor, the are sweet but not too much, they are tender, and the have this particular lumpy sensation... Mmm it is just something I love... that's one of my weird pleasures.

Hot do you think about it? Can you tell me one of your little pleasures?

PS. Just in case... I have a lot of posts programed... because I prefer to write the in the really inspiration days... Love ya!

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...flor deshilvanada dijo...

I thought it was a green apple, I like yellow pears not green! :P

Lot of kisses, Drag!!!

Anónimo dijo...

wow nice post!!! I prefer grapes !!! I love them !!

take care dragoncita!!

Lata dijo...

y ahora por qué en Inglés??

Storm Bunny dijo...

When it comes about weird pleasures, I'd say anything I find pleasurable is "weird". ^_^ What can I say? That's me. The one pleasure I'll share doesn't relate to fruits or eating (though my fave above all are cherries!). My "weird pleasures" and night-time pleasures... and not what you think. I enjoy tremendously the overflowing scent of a bush of jasmine alone in a street, intoxicating the night's dark, chilly air with sensually, ancent sweet scents. I love the moon, in the middle of the silence. I could spend a lifetime staring at the moon, inhaling the jasmine and letting my mind fill with poetry and prose, flowing and dancing in perfect stillness.

I must say, I love it when you write in English!

Kind Regards,


Ka-tica dijo...

yo tambien tnego una preferencia por las peras, lo dificil es encontrar una realmente buena...
para eso, sin duda hay q ir al Auto!

El Pantano de Fiona dijo... adore.......jajaj
sip y laura calder hizo unas peras con chocolate que no te cuento!!!!1
esos placeres de la vida no se dejan!!