martes, junio 30

Dear Zsue

It's great to have someone to share, how do you fell, what are you expecting for like, your dreams, your life... I feel very proud having you as a friend and more than proud... I am so glad, just because one day I found you.

It's nice to share the same Sorority with you!

I really hope, you have a wonderfull day, I hope a lot of blessings fall down fron the sky for you.


4 comentarios:

El Mostro dijo...

Saludetes a Zsue!

Pablo Vargas dijo...

Hey que tuanis. Bonito detalle. Felicidades a la compañera!

Anónimo dijo...

Linda tarjeta mi nena!! te mando muchos abrazos

Storm Bunny dijo...

THANK YOU!!!! And thank you for the LOVELY green scarf, and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL keychain... and my WINNER PRESENT!!! ^_^ I love them, love them, LOVE THEM!!! It was so good to see you too, and share a little, you showing me María Palito's blog... Oh My Hyne! Is she talented or WHAT!!!? These are things you are either born with them or not.

I spent a lovely day, even if I had to cut it short because my folks called me because they wanted to toast with me. (This is one of the wonderful things of being European: you are ACTUALLY expected to celebrate everything with wine! ^_^) Sorry I couldn't answer to you earlier, I really, really, really would have loved to, but by the time I disengaged it was already 11 pm.

Sister, you are a HUGE blessing in my life. Thank you for being there for me!!! ^_^